Security Statement

Security Statement

Gulfside Bank will never solicit personal information such as your Social Security Number, passwords, pins, or account numbers, by email or text. We strongly suggest that you keep that information confidential and not to share with anyone.

Password Security Tips:

Choose a strong password that is unique to you. Avoid common words, family member’s names or birth dates. Keep your passwords in a secure and never share them.


  • Be suspicious of unsolicited emails, text messages, and phone calls. Use discretion when providing information to unsolicited phone callers, and never provide sensitive personal information via email.
  • If you want to verify a suspicious email, contact the company directly with a known phone number. Do not call the number provided in the email.
  • Only open an email attachment if you are expecting it and know what it contains. Be cautious about container files, such as .zip files, as malicious content could be packed inside.
  • Visit websites by typing the address into the address bar. Do not follow links embedded in an unsolicited email.
  • Use discretion when posting personal information on social media. This information is a treasure-trove to spear phishers who will use it to gain your trust.
  • Keep all of your software patched and up-to-date. Home users should have the auto update feature enabled.
  • Keep your antivirus software up-to-date to detect and disable malicious programs, such as spyware or backdoor Trojans, which may be included in phishing emails.
  • Monitor your accounts — When you check your accounts regularly, you can let your bank know immediately if you encounter anything that does not seem right.
For More Information:  Federal Trade Commission