Treasury Management

Our cash management solution has multiple features:
  • Dashboard - Access a quick view of key information.
    • View account information in detail views and graph views.
    • Create quick transfers.
    • View favorite reports.
    • View and decision Positive Pay exception items.
    • View, approve, or reject the payments pending approval for ACH, wires, and transfers.
    • View news items from Gulfside Bank.
    • Access the resources links commonly used.
  • Accounts - Access accounts in this product.
    • View a list of accounts.
    • Search for a specific transaction.
  • Payments - Work with transfers, wires, ACH, Positive Pay, and stop payments.
    • Create and search for internal, external, and recurring transfers.
    • Create and search for wires and templates, including one-time and recurring.
    • Create, search, and decision Positive Pay items, including checks and ACH.
    • Create stop payments.
  • Reporting - View and favorite reports.
    • Current Day Balance
    • Current Day Transaction
    • Date Range Transaction
    • Prior Day Balance
    • Prior Day Transaction
On each page within our system where these features are available, you can:
  • Sort information by selecting the column names.
  • View hover-help by selecting the question mark.
  • View last login time in the top-right corner.
  • View cut off times in the top-right corner.
  • View notifications in the top-right corner.