Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit enables you to deposit checks into your bank account electronically without ever having to drive to the bank.

How Does Remote Deposit Work?

Once your scanner and software is installed and training is provided by Gulfside Bank, you are ready to start using Remote Deposit.

  • You accept check payments from your customers.
  • Using Remote Deposit, you scan and submit those checks securely over the Internet to Gulfside Bank.
  • We receive your remote deposit and process the checks.

It's that easy! The result is faster deposits and convenience for you and your business.

Why Use Remote Deposit?

Remote Deposit results in less work, increased accuracy, reduced costs and increased profit for your business.

Convenience: Eliminates daily trips to the bank as well as courier costs. Deposits can be made 24/7. You are always first in line. 

Efficiency: Save time and money by reducing trips to the bank and avoiding overdraft fees. In addition, manual deposit preparation time is eliminated. Also, research time and your storage needs are reduced through the use of the stored digital images.

Cash Flow: By making electronic deposits, your transactions may be processed more quickly, making your funds available sooner. In addition, deposits can be consolidated from multiple locations into a single bank.

Peace of Mind: Accelerated check clearing may reduce the risk of fraud by lowering the number of non-sufficient funds checks and allowing returned items to be identified sooner, increasing your opportunities for collection.

Is Remote Deposit Right for You?

  • Do you, or would you like to, make deposits after normal business hours?
  • Do your deposits consist mostly of checks?
  • Do you photocopy checks for your records?
  • Do you lose productivity by sending employees to the bank to make deposits?
  • Are you located a significant distance from Gulfside Bank?
  • Do you have multiple business locations and maintain multiple banking relationships?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, Remote Deposit may be what you are looking for!

Please contact us today for more information!